OsecoElfabRupture Disks and Explosion Vents
OsecoElfab manufactures rupture disks, explosion vents, and other pressure relief products.
OsecoElfab’s intelligent pressure relief systems protect people, plants, processes and the environment across the globe. As a leader in technically advanced pressure relief products, OsecoElfab delivers unique design, testing and consultancy services for pressure management.
Rupture Pin Technology
Rupture Pin TechnologyBuckling Pin Valves
Rupture Pin Technology is a specialty products division of Taylor Valve Technology. Rupture Pin Technology is a leading manufacturer of high quality buckling pin valves. Every Rupture Pin product is designed to meet the highly demanding requirements of oil and gas producers, refiners, chemical plant operators, power generators and the processing industry in order to more effectively control their liquid, steam or gas operations.
SofisMechanical Valve Interlocks and Portable Actuators
Sofis is the world’s largest manufacturer of valve operation systems such as mechanical valve interlocks, portable actuators and valve position indicators. Valve interlocks are used to guarantee a predetermined sequence of valve operations, which improves process and operator safety and minimizes product quality failures due to valve misalignment.
Sigma Drilling Technologies
Sigma Drilling TechnologiesPulsation Control Equipment
Sigma Drilling Technologies manufactures pulsation control solutions designed to improve pump performance metrics significantly. Their products are designed to save thousands in equipment maintenance, make downtime a thing of the past and keep personnel and equipment safe from catastrophic accidents.
Sigma’s technology is used both on the discharge and suction sides of your pumps, giving you the best MWD signal possible, and extended fluid end lifespans – all in a set-and-forget pulsation control solution.
Prism Integrated Solutions
Prism Integrated SolutionsTank Conservation & Combustion Equipment
Prism is a design/manufacture facility focused on making high performance tank vents, as well as industry leading flame & detonation arrestors, flare systems & ignitors. All products are hand assembled and pass a rigorous factory acceptance test prior to shipment, to ensure Prism remains best-in-class.
Centek Group
Centek GroupWell Casing Centralization
Centek Group designs and manufactures a range of revolutionary centralizers and stop collars which provide unprecedented stand-off: giving optimum pipe centralization, aiding pipe rotation and easing the string to total depth without issue.
Smith & Burgess
Smith & BurgessPSM Engineering and Consulting
Smith & Burgess is the industry leading Process Safety Management (PSM) engineering consulting firm that provides clients the highest level of customer satisfaction with cost efficient and PSM compliant solutions. Formed by Dustin Smith and John Burgess in April of 2007, the firm has grown to house over 50+ process safety professionals within the Houston, Chicago, and Singapore offices. Smith & Burgess has completed over 750 national and international projects, saving clients an estimated $100+ million in costs.
Shale Pumps
Shale PumpsFrac & Drilling Pumps and Equipment Packages
Shale Pumps is the next generation of the Williams pump-designing dynasty. Offering highly reliable and well-priced continuous-duty quintiplex pumps for drilling operations, as well as a 5,000Hp quintiplex pump for frac operations, Shale Pumps can move you from a medium player to a major player overnight.
Taylor Valve
Taylor ValvePressure Relief Valves and Chokes
Taylor Valve Technology is a leading manufacturer of high quality safety relief, high pressure relief, and back pressure relief valves. Taylor Valve also offers a wide array of choke and control valves, and pilot operated valve products for the oil and gas industry.


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